March 2015 edition of AIM Prospector goes live

AIM Prospector is back!

Another five AIM-quoted companies feature in the March 2015 edition of AIM Prospector. They are: Juridica Investments, Solid State, StatPro, The Mission Marketing Group and Volvere.

"AIM companies deserve more media but it is difficult to commercialise unless writing about the most fevered shares" said David O'Hara, Editor of AIM Prospector. "All participants in the AIM market should pay some respect to Walbrook PR for supporting AIM Prospector."

After researching The Mission Marketing Group, editor David O'Hara has been buying shares in the company.

"As for The Mission, the company has recovered well, paying down debts fast and now looks set to deliver another year of earnings growth."

AIM Prospector can be read here: